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With our intuitive design we put the user experience first and make really easy to explore, compare and discuss financial data for almost all stocks and markets.
Follow your favourite stocks and see how your predictions are standing up against professional analysts and others in the community.

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Make better decisions with Quantitative Insights

Premium estimates data
Highest quality data on estimates, financial metrics, ratios, valuation multiples, geographical revenue, and more.
Create your own valuation
Easily incorporate your own assumptions through a simple valuation tool and arrive at professional-grade results.
Compare your analysis with others
Check your assumptions against professional analysts and our unbiased automated valuations to optimise for the long-run.
Countries, sectors, and companies
Use the same techniques to evaluate countries and sectors that you use for companies, and get an edge on understanding the market.

Why Einfintech

Understanding the difference between Price and Value is the Key.

Intrinsic value changes with a lower volatility than Market Price


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Through our technology we elaborate and disclose financial data used by professional investors, for a complete transparency and accountability.